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Currently service the following locations and surrounding areas:

Anchorage, Eagle River, Chugiak, Cooper Landing, Denali, Elko, Fairbanks, Homer, Juneau, Kenai, Nome, Palmer, Petersburg, Seward, Sitka, Soldotna, Valdez, and Wasilla.

Fire pumps

North Star Fire Protection, LLC services, inspects, installs, and repairs fire pumps per NFPA requirements for all types of sprinkler and foam systems.

Kitchen hoods

We conduct annual and bi-annual inspections for commercial kitchen hood systems, installation, as well as required modifications if changing out kitchen equipment or remodeling of a commercial kitchen. 

sprinkler systems

We currently service, inspect, repair, and install wet sprinkler systems, dry sprinkler systems, pre-action sprinkler systems, deluge sprinkler systems, etc. Performing NFPA required quarterly, biennially, annually, and weekly inspections as required by NFPA 25 and your local authority having jurisdiction.

fire alarm testing

We offer NFPA required sensitivity testing. NFPA 72 requires this testing be conducted within one year from the date of installation, and every other year following that; there are some exceptions to this regulation.   Contact our office for more information.

Emergency lighting

In the event of an emergency often the power source to a facility will be terminated. Emergency lighting is necessary, and required, to provide individuals the ability to safely exit the building.  Schedule your emergency lighting inspection, repair, or installation today.

special hazard systems

We service, inspect, repair, and install marine & heavy-duty fire systems. There are many different types of these systems designed to keep your vessels, buildings, vehicles, etc. safe under a fire condition with minimal damage to electrical components, etc.

What Our Clients Say

“Their service is up there with the best. The crew is very professional and courteous as well.

As a non-profit it is important that we find vendors that are able to give us great service as well as great prices. We get both with North Star. We would highly recommend them.

Nice staff, excellent service, and they strive to offer the most competitive pricing without sacrificing quality work.

Contact us today to see how we can help you or when we are scheduled to be in your area.

If your location is not yet represented, please contact us and we can still help.  Call today to see how we can save you money on your fire protection needs!

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